BeastGameware Presents: Bowling

Bowling has been brought right to your couch !

Like bowling ?

Want to relax for a bit ? And have an OUYA ?

BeastGameware Presents: Bowling is the right game for this !. Choose to play a single 10 frame bowling game. Throw your ball at different speeds and use adaptive trajectory with your analog sticks to change the trajectory the ball would take. And strike ! Bring some competitive anger right into the game ! Check the build-in scoreboard(*) to check which player has the highest score and try to surpass that score.

To use the online features in BeastGameware Presents: Bowling you need to have an account registered at our online service called Exchange. This will enable you to login and check your personal statistics, also enabling you to upload your own score the boards. You can check your personal statistics by clicking on the 'Online Scoreboard' navigation button and choosing 'Personal statistics'.

Sounds good ? Download it now !